aplay command examples

aplay command examples

arecord, aplay – command-line sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver

#aplay -c 1 -t raw -r 22050 -f mu_law foobar

will play the raw file “foobar” as a 22050-Hz, mono, 8-bit, Mu-Law .au file.


#arecord -d 10 -f cd -t wav -D copy foobar.wav

will record foobar.wav as a 10-second, CD-quality wave file, using the PCM “copy” (which might be defined in the user’s .asoundrc file as:

pcm.copy {
    type plug

slave {
    pcm hw
route_policy copy

#arecord -t wav --max-file-time 30 mon.wav

Record from the default audio source in monaural, 8,000 samples per second, 8 bits per sample. Start a new file every 30 seconds. File names are mon-nn.wav, where nn increases from 01. The file after mon-99.wav is mon-100.wav.

#arecord -f cd -t wav --max-file-time 3600 --use-strftime %Y/%m/%d/listen-%H-%M-%v.wav

Record in stereo from the default audio source. Create a new file every hour. The files are placed in directories based on their start dates and have names which include their start times and file numbers.


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