ldns-gen-zone command examples

ldns-gen-zone command examples

ldns-gen-zone – read a zonefile and print it while adding DS records and extra RR’s

 ldns-gen-zone -a 100000 -p 10 -s ./zonefile.txt

Read a zonefile, add 100.000 artificial NS RRSets and 10% of DS records, print it to standard output. Don’t sort (will only work well if the input zonefile is already sorted and canonicalized).

 ldns-gen-zone -p 10 -s -o nl zonefile.txt | named-compilezone -s relative -i none -o zonefile_10.txt nl /dev/stdin

This creates a nicely formatted zone file with the help of named-compilezone. It adds 10% DS records to the .nl zone, reformats it and saves it as zonefile_10.txt.


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