machinectl command examples

machinectl command examples

machinectl – Control the systemd machine manager

Example 1. Download an Ubuntu image and open a shell in it

# machinectl pull-tar
# systemd-nspawn -M trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-root

This downloads and verifies the specified .tar image, and then uses systemd-nspawn(1) to open a shell in it.

Example 2. Download a Fedora image, set a root password in it, start it as service

# machinectl pull-raw --verify=no
# systemd-nspawn -M Fedora-Cloud-Base-20141203-21
# passwd
# exit
# machinectl start Fedora-Cloud-Base-20141203-21
# machinectl login Fedora-Cloud-Base-20141203-21

This downloads the specified .raw image with verification disabled. Then a shell is opened in it and a root password is set. Afterwards the shell is left, and the machine started as system service. With the last command a login prompt into the container is requested.


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