pod2man command examples

pod2man command examples

pod2man – Convert POD data to formatted *roff input

pod2man program > program.1
pod2man SomeModule.pm /usr/perl/man/man3/SomeModule.3
pod2man --section=7 note.pod > note.7

If you would like to print out a lot of man page continuously, you probably want to set the C and D registers to set contiguous page numbering and even/odd paging, at least on some versions of man(7).

troff -man -rC1 -rD1 perl.1 perldata.1 perlsyn.1 ...

To get index entries on “STDERR”, turn on the F register, as in:

troff -man -rF1 perl.1

The indexing merely outputs messages via “.tm” for each major page, section, subsection, item, and any “X” directives.


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