roqet command examples

roqet command examples

roqet – Rasqal RDF query utility

#roqet sparql-query-file.rq

Run a SPARQL query contained in the local file sparql-query-file.rq. The data used would be described in FROM statements in the query file.

#roqet -q -i sparql

Run a SPARQL query that is in the web at URI without an extra messages (quiet, -q).

#roqet -q query-file.rq

Run an query (default languge SPARQL) from a local file query-file.rq but using base URI to resolve any relative URIs.

roqet -q -i sparql -r xml

Run a SPARQL query that is in the web at URI and format the results in the SPARQL Query Results XML format with no extra messages.

roqet -i sparql -e 'SELECT * WHERE { ?s ?p ?o }' -D stuff.rdf

Run a SPARQL query given on the command line against data in the file stuff.rdf. The type of the file will be guessed and likely is of format RDF/XML.

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