rsync command examples

rsync command examples

rsync – a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool

Here are some examples of how I use rsync.

To backup my wife’s home directory, which consists of large MS Word files and mail folders, I use a cron job that runs

rsync -Cavz . arvidsjaur:backup

each night over a PPP connection to a duplicate directory on my machine “arvidsjaur”.

To synchronize my samba source trees I use the following Makefile targets:


rsync -avuzb --exclude '*~' samba:samba/ .


rsync -Cavuzb . samba:samba/
sync: get put

this allows me to sync with a CVS directory at the other end of the connection. I then do CVS operations on the remote machine, which saves a lot of time as the remote CVS protocol isn’t very efficient.

I mirror a directory between my “old” and “new” ftp sites with the command:

rsync -az -e ssh --delete ~ftp/pub/samba nimbus:"~ftp/pub/tridge"

This is launched from cron every few hours.

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