sb command examples

sb command examples

sx, sb, sz – XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM file send

ZMODEM File Transfer (Unix to DSZ/ZCOMM/Professional-YAM)

% sz -a *.c

This single command transfers all .c files in the current Unix directory with conversion (-a) to end of line conven‐

tions appropriate to the receiving environment. With ZMODEM AutoDownload enabled, Professional-YAM and ZCOMM will

automatically receive the files after performing a security check.

% sz -Yan *.c *.h

Send only the .c and .h files that exist on both systems, and are newer on the sending system than the corresponding

version on the receiving system, converting Unix to DOS text format.

$ sz -\Yan file1.c file2.c file3.c foo.h baz.h ®(for VMS)

ZMODEM Command Download (Unix to Professional-YAM)


sz -c “c:;cd /yam/dist”

sz -ya $(YD)/*.me

sz -yqb y*.exe

sz -c “cd /yam”

sz -i “!insms”

This Makefile fragment uses sz to issue commands to Professional-YAM to change current disk and directory. Next, sz

transfers the .me files from the $YD directory, commanding the receiver to overwrite the old files and to convert

from Unix end of line conventions to PC-DOS conventions. The third line transfers some .exe files. The fourth and

fifth lines command Pro-YAM to change directory and execute a PC-DOS batch file insms . Since the batch file takes

considerable time, the -i form is used to allow sz to exit immediately.

XMODEM File Transfer (Unix to Crosstalk)

% sx -a foo.c


rx foo.c

The above three commands transfer a single file from Unix to a PC and Crosstalk with sz translating Unix newlines to

DOS CR/LF. This combination is much slower and far less reliable than ZMODEM.


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