smartd command examples

smartd command examples

smartd – SMART Disk Monitoring Daemon


Runs the daemon in forked mode. This is the normal way to run smartd. Entries are logged to SYSLOG.

#smartd -d -i 30

Run in foreground (debug) mode, checking the disk status every 30 seconds.

#smartd -q onecheck

Registers devices, and checks the status of the devices exactly once. The exit status (the bash $? variable) will be zero if all went well, and nonzero if no devices were detected or some other problem was encountered.

Note that smartmontools provides a start-up script in /smartd which is responsible for starting and stopping the daemon via the normal init interface. Using this script, you can start smartd by giving the command:

#/smartd start

and stop it by using the command:

#/smartd stop


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