unzipsfx command examples

unzipsfx command examples

unzipsfx – self-extracting stub for prepending to ZIP archives

To create a self-extracting archive letters from a regular zipfile letters.zip and change the new archive’s permissions to be world-executable under Unix:

cat unzipsfx letters.zip > letters
chmod 755 letters
zip -A letters

To create the same archive under MS-DOS, OS/2 or NT (note the use of the /b [binary] option to the copy command):

copy /b unzipsfx.exe+letters.zip letters.exe
zip -A letters.exe


Under VMS:

copy unzipsfx.exe,letters.zip letters.exe
letters == "$currentdisk:[currentdir]letters.exe"
zip -A letters.exe


(The VMS append command may also be used. The second command installs the new program as a “foreign command” capable of taking arguments. The third line assumes that Zip is already installed as a foreign command.) Under AmigaDOS:

MakeSFX letters letters.zip UnZipSFX

(MakeSFX is included with the UnZip source distribution and with Amiga binary distributions. “zip -A” doesn’t work on Amiga self-extracting archives.) To test (or list) the newly created self-extracting archive:

letters -t

To test letters quietly, printing only a summary message indicating whether the archive is OK or not:


letters -tqq


To extract the complete contents into the current directory, recreating all files and subdirectories as necessary:


To extract all *.txt files (in Unix quote the `*’):

letters *.txt

To extract everything except the *.txt files:

letters -x *.txt

To extract only the README file to standard output (the screen):

letters -c README

To print only the zipfile comment:

letters -z

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