vinagre command_examples

vinagre command_examples

vinagre – a remote desktop viewer for the GNOME Desktop

Example 1: Start vinagre from the command line

example% vinagre

Example 2: Create a new top-level window

example% vinagre --new-window

Example 3: Connect to a specified VNC server and port

example% vinagre snoopy::5900

Example 4: Connect to a specified IPv4 address and port

example% vinagre

Example 5: Connect to a specified IPv6 address and port

example% vinagre [2001:0db8:0:0:0:0:1428:57ab]::2700

Example 6: Connect to a VNC server specified by a .vnc file

example% vinagre -F snoopy.vnc

Example 7: Connect to localhost on a specified port in fullscreen mode

example% vinagre -f ::5900

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