xdg-mime command_examples

xdg-mime command_examples

xdg-mime – command line tool for querying information about file type handling and adding descriptions for new file types

xdg-mime query filetype /tmp/foobar.png

Prints the MIME type of the file /tmp/foobar.png, in this case image/png

xdg-mime query default image/png

Prints the .desktop filename of the application which is registered to open PNG files.

xdg-mime install shinythings-shiny.xml

Adds a file type description for “shiny”-files. “shinythings-” is used as the vendor prefix. The file type description could look as follows.


Shiny new file type

An icon for this new file type must also be installed, for example with:

xdg-icon-resource install --context mimetypes --size 64 shiny-file-icon.png text-x-shiny

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