xfsdump command examples

xfsdump command examples

xfsdump – XFS filesystem incremental dump utility

To perform a level 0, single stream dump of the root filesystem to a locally mounted tape drive, prompting for session and media labels when required:

# xfsdump -f /dev/tape /

To specify session and media labels explicitly:

# xfsdump -L session_1 -M tape_0 -f /dev/tape /

To perform a dump to a remote tape using the minimal rmt protocol and a set blocksize of 64k:

# xfsdump -m -b 65536 -f otherhost:/dev/tape /

To perform a level 0, multi-stream dump to two locally mounted tape drives:

# xfsdump -L session_2 -f /dev/rmt/tps4d6v -M tape_1 \

-f /dev/rmt/tps5d6v -M tape_2 /

To perform a level 1 dump relative to the last level 0 dump recorded in the inventory:

# xfsdump -l 1 -f /dev/tape /

To copy the contents of a filesystem to another directory (see xfsrestore):

# xfsdump -J - / | xfsrestore -J - /new

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