yum-groups-manager – create and edit yum’s group metadata

Create a new group metadata file, with a group called yum containing all the packages that start with yum:

yum-groups-manager --name YUM --save groups.xml 'yum*'

After the above command, load the groups.xml data, work with the yum group, make the group not user visible, and remove the yum-skip-broken and yum-priorities packages from it:

yum-groups-manager -n YUM --merge groups.xml --remove yum-skip-broken yum-priorities --not-user-visible

After the above commands, add a description and a translated name to the yum group:

yum-groups-manager -n YUM --merge groups.xml --description 'This is a group with most of the yum packages in it' --translated-name 'en:yum packages'--

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